STS9 - PodCast - TRIBU SAINE EN AUTOMNE STS9 closed out 2008, a year that saw stunning success from all facets
of the STS9 and 1320 RECORDS family, with their lengthiest headline
tour in quite some time.   What you find here is the most coherent
culmination of over two dozens shows, 7,000+ miles traveled and over
30,000 tickets sold we could sum up.  This podcast has it all as it
winds from the opening track of an extremely rare stand-alone version
of "EB" in our nations capitol to a one-two punch of "ABCEES -> WHAT
IS LOVE?" taken from a stop in Sin City, USA to the fan favorite "EHM"
in it's dirtiest disguise from Birmingham's historic Alabama Theatre.  The cast ends with perhaps one of the most poignant moments of 2008 as
an emotional version of "BARAKA" closed out the bands New Orleans show as the sold out crowd began chanting "Yes We Can" as an ode to the pending historic election just hours away.  All in all, an amazing time in history to be traveling this vast country.  We hope you enjoy the glimpse we've provided here.  Thank you for all your support.

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