STS9 - PodCast - 2014.04.12 :: Ford Park :: Vail, CO

It was incredible to return to the Colorado mountains once again and get to play for you all in Vail this past weekend.
You can download the show now right HERE in it’s entirety.
We are also excited to offer the full show as a free stream on our soundcloud page.  Feel free to spread it around!
Can’t wait to see you at CounterPoint in Atlanta in a few weeks!  Thanks for all your support!

2014.04.12 :: Ford Park :: Vail, CO
SET: Click Lang Echo* > Hidden Hand Hidden Fist, GLOgli > Grow, The Rabble, What is Love? New Dawn, New Day > Poseidon**, World Go Round, Tap In, March > 4 Year Puma, Scheme
ENCORE: Kabuki > Breathe In

* - first time played.
** - last time played 09/24/2004

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STS9 - Podcast - 2014.03.28 - McDowell Mountain Music Festival - Phoenix, AZ

It's a new's a new day... And so began our next chapter this past weekend in Phoenix, where we proudly introduced bassist Alana Rocklin to the STS9 massive on a magical night at McDowell Mountain Music Festival. This show featured it all, from two debut tracks (New Dawn, New Day and World Go Round), to some classic STS9, all with a noticeable punch of renewed energy. Thank you all so much for your support the past few months. We promise we’re going to return the favor ten fold for many years to come. See you all in Vail in a few weeks.

* You can purchase this release NOW via as well as stream it for FREE here on SoundCloud.

TRACK LIST: New Dawn New Day*, Rent, World Go Round*, Wika Chikana, Kamuy, Vapors, Golden Gate, 20-12, Circus, Inspire Strikes Back, When The Dust Settles
*first time played

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